Necklace length; approximately 17.5" (45cms).

Sterling Silver fittings.

Fish length: 6 cms.

On a coated black flexible wire.

Fish are not glued and are free to move.

Packaged in a branded gift box.

Sardine Necklace - Bronze Finish

  • Designed and created in the UK by Fiona Dane using cast metal coated in bronze then lightly patinated in a black patina to create a superior aged effect. Please be aware that due to the very nature of the processes involved there will, inevitably, be variations and fluctuations in shade and colour.


  • The beads are made to the highest standard and are extremely hard-wearing however naturally, the patinas and coatings will change appearance over time depending on conditions of use and wear.
    Remove jewellery when exercising, doing strenuous physical activity, sleeping or swimming as the salts in your sweat can have an effect on the finish as can perfumes, oils and chemicals.
    Lightly clean item with warm, mildly soapy water.